Sunday, March 9, 2014

Progressive perspective

For more examples of whining about trivialities while the world burns go to The entire blog is a replay of this cartoon.  


  1. Neither timely nor responsive–just another attempt to change the subject because you cannot possibly bring yourself to admit that the right wing lunatic fringe just might be wrong about something.

    Sorry you don’t like my choice of subjects–but its my site. If you think that Darryl “the Thug” Issa not comprehending the difference between allegation and fact is more important–fine. That’s what your site is for. If you think that the Thug’s inability to make this non-scandal stick, in spite of his attempt to create a scandal by only releasing the transcripts that favor his case (and then only the out of context, redacted versions), and not releasing the transcripts that make his pathetic little scandal fall apart (we can thank Ranking Member Cummings for the full release), then I simply wish you well in your little Fever Swamp circle jerk.

    In the meantime, you have demonstrated that you cannot engage on the actual ideas of the original post. Changing the subject is the best you can do. Game. Set. Match.

    1. Who is trying to be timely or responsive?

    2. Oh I get it. You cross posted your comment. Well let me cross post mine. I don't read the substance of anything you post ever. It other confuses me or bores me which is either the sign of a weak mind or the sign of a weak mind. You pick whose mind.

      I am not arguing with you. I am just making comments from the sidelines while you tilt with windmills.

  2. This may provide some substance to the cartoon. In the meantime progressives are all in the mode of those who thought Nixon got a bum rap for Watergate.